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Our Approach


Each embedded system is unique in nature. Every new design of  Embedded Systems throws up new challenges , which are  to be  met differently.

The approach towards the embedded solution  in each case will be different . We understand this.
For any approach the focus on customer requirement is never lost.

The critical parameter of each project ,----- be it code size, speed , time limitations ,  closed loop performance -----, is identified . These are dealt with and confirmed  separately outside the  project  team  schedule. Hardware and software design are run in tandem.

Hardware design runs on schematic & Software design runs on Pseudo code. The call graph analysis is done in a special manner.

The further process depends on the type of the project – whether it has a reference or it is a virgin project.

All the traditional design process models ---- Waterfall , V , Incremental , Spiral ,have been tried , tested and can be adopted. On  a normal project we adopt the Agile process for the project management which we feel is more result oriented ,fast , challenging & highly motivational.

Whatever is the process adopted  our internal , time tested verification & validation checks at each micro steps guarantees  the accuracy & success of the project.

The internal testing  involves ---- apart from application testing using GUI , test plans with  Analytical Instruments----Oscilloscopes , Signal Analyzers , DMM  to observe the actual performance on real time basis.  The use of hyper terminal also gives us extra analytical capability.

The simple logic is . What do we need to achieve ? Have we executed the design to meet these  requirements ?   After designing --- to find out , what is actually happening—is it exactly as per our design --- find out with all the available means of analytical instruments , GUI test plans ,or even the hyper terminal analysis.

Verification and Validation completes the project. Each design stage accompanies proper documentations.