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Embeded System Software

All pervasive electronics and hence microcontrollers, have made penetration in every gadget that we use making it fast, smart, compact, economical, remotely accessible  & above all user friendly .

Virtually every product has embedded system component in it. As such, demand for  embedded systems has increased exponentially and has become a part of every walk of our life today. This has put semiconductor manufacturers into high gear and they are bracing themselves to meet these challenges by introducing new microcontroller families and associated technologies, in process creating challenges for the developers in product companies.

These challenges are multi-dimensional and occur at every phase in development process.--- Choosing the right technology , Choosing the right microcontroller family , ramping up the resource productivity for a particular chosen technological environment. Finally the product has to be delivered on time, within acceptable budget constraints and of highest quality. The above challenges along with globalization of markets have forced companies to consider outsourcing in the Product Engineering and Product Design services space, allowing them to concentrate on their core competencies.

Desired qualities of outsourcing partner – Versatility, adaptive capabilities for emerging technologies apart from good domain knowledge, quick turnaround capability, good expertise resulting in cost effectiveness.

Embedded systems division of Shidore Microsys has proper and proven orientation to complement the rapid / aggressive product realization  strategies as desired by  the Customer / of the product companies.

  • 50 Man years experience in embedded systems development
  • SMEPL has grown in unison with evolution of embedded systems industry
  • Decades of experience in various industries resulting in sound acquisition of domain knowledge
  • Multiple teams with specific & generic skill sets
  • Impeccable processes to keep pace with innovative technological evolutions



ARM7 , ARM9 , ARM11 , ARM cortex M1 , ARM cortex M3 , dsPIC 30 , dsPIC33 , PIC32 , PIC16 , PIC18 , lpc  microcontroller families , TI 2000 DSP Microcontrollers ,  TI MSP430 Microcontrollers , Freescale ( Search Internet )
FPGA Xilinx , actel , lattice
Platforms VME , PC-104
Languages C , C++ , VHDL , .Net
Applications Power Electronics, Industrial Controls, Power Management, Medical, Domestic Gadget Controls, Security Systems
Communication Standards Ethernet, RS-485 – MODBUS, Profibus, CAN2.0
GSM Modem
Operating Systems Windows CE , Micro C-OS-II, Linux



Services are :

  • Product life cycle management
  • Product requirement specification
  • Hardware software codesign
  • Selection of hardware
  • Schematics and circuit simulation with signal integrity
  • Layout and fabrication of printed circuit board
  • Device driver and BSP development
  • Application development
  • Test plan preparation and execution
  • Product code maintenance
  • Porting to different problems
  • Technical documentation                        

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